Emergency Credit

Have you ever in an emergency but your credit almost run out? No worries, you can use this service to borrow credit.

How to Get Emergency Credit via SMS

  1. Send SMS to 505 with format: PULSA
  1. You will receive SMS confirmation

3. If you agree with the services and fees offered, reply Y


4. You will get SMS confirmation that the credit successfully added

How to Get Emergency Credit via *505#

  1. Dial *505#

2. Reply 1 (Pulsa)


3. Reply 1 (YA)


4. Your request is being processed, you will immediately receive credit within 1 × 24 hours

Have a question?

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Emergency Credit

  • 1. What is Emergency Credit service?

    Emergency Credit is an interactive service that allows Smartfren prepaid customers to borrow credit via SMS and USSI.

  • 2. How do I use this service?

    To use this service, customers only need to send an SMS to number 505 with format PULSA to borrow Emergency Credit. If you want to use USSI, just dial * 505 #.

  • 3. Can all customers use this service?

    This service is only used by prepaid Smartfren customers (non-postpaid and non-MiFi) who are included in the credit scoring criteria.

  • 4. How much credit can I get from the Emergency Credit service?

    Currently, the nominal that can be obtained from Emergency Credit services are:

    Service TypeActive Period
    Emergency Credit Rp.3,0000 day
    Emergency Credit Rp.4,0000 day
    Emergency Credit Rp.6,0007 days
    Emergency Credit Rp.8,0007 days
    Emergency Credit Rp.12,00015 days

  • 5. How do I refund Emergency Credit?

    Refunds on Credit and Emergency Data loans will be made by deducting the customer's credit within 24 hours after the loan is given or when the customer refills the credit. The refund that will be deducted is the emergency credit borrowed along with the service fee.

  • 6. Is there any credit limit that can be borrowed?

    The limit or loan limit of each customer is different depending on the partner's credit scoring, payment history and top-up history of the customer.

  • 7. How do I know if I am a customer who meets the criteria for the loan?

    Customers can send an SMS with the keyword "INFO" sent to 505 to find out the status of Emergency Credit or send the keyword "PULSA" to get Smartfren Emergency Credit.

  • 8. How do I check the amount of Emergency Credit that has not been returned?

    Customers can send an SMS with the keyword “INFO” and send to 505 to find out the status of Emergency Credit that has not been paid.

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