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IsiGO Service

Afraid of being cut off when the quota runs out? The Contents Feature Container only!. Your credit will be automatically converted into Data Quota. Smooth internet, credit remains safe

How to Activate IsiGO Service on MySmartfren

  1. at Homescreen, klik See Detail in the banner area Activate IsiGO
  1. Klik tombol Activate, on page Activate IsiGO ini

3. Klik tombol Yes Continue / Lanjutkan, untuk mengaktifkan fitur IsiGO


4. A confirmation page will appear after the IsiGO feature is successfully activated

Cara Mengaktifkan Layanan IsiGO melalui *123*60#

  1. Dial to *123*60#

2. Choose 1 to register the IsiGO feature, then click Send


3. After registration you will receive a notification, then click OK


4. Notification SMS will be sent after successful IsiGO registration

Have a question?

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FAQ Layanan IsiGO

  • What is IsiGO

    IsiGO is a feature with an automatic mechanism for converting Regular Balance of IDR 5,000 to 1 GB Data Quota with a validity period of 30 days.

  • Does this IsiGO feature apply to all smartphone customers?

    For now, the IsiGO feature only applies to Gokil Max customers. Where Gokil Max customers must register first through the MySF application or via USSI *123#., and this IsiGO feature will be valid forever on the customer's number.

  • What is the mechanism for implementing this IsiGO feature?

    IsiGO untuk di paket Gokil Max akan berlaku jika pelanggan sudah tidak mempunyai kuota Data atau dalam kondisi PAYG ON (pemakaian data akan menggunakan pulsa/regular balance).

  • What if I'm not subscribed to a data package and my remaining balance is less than Rp. 5,000?

    If the remaining credit available is less than Rp. 5,000, the ISIGo feature will stop and the PAYG OFF condition applies (unable to make a data connection).

  • If I'm already registered as an IsiGO customer, can I still use my Regular Balance/Toll to make phone calls or sms or purchase other Data packages?

    Yes, the remaining credit can still be used to make phone calls or sms or buy other data packages as long as the credit is sufficient.

  • How do I check the remaining quota?

    Customers can check the remaining quota in the MySmartfren application or dial *123#.

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