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Request Balance

Don't worry about running out of balance, you can request to fellow smartfren users via SMS.

How to use the Request Balance service?

  1. Format: MINTA.[Recipient Number].[Nominal] Send SMS to 879

2. You will receive an SMS notification Request Balance is being processed and waiting for the sender's confirmation. Within 24 hours if the sender is willing, the balance will be added directly to your number.

Have a question?

Check the answers about the service here

Request Balance

  • 1. What is the Request Balance Service?

    Request Balance is a service for smartfren customers who don't have enough credit and want to ask for credit from their closest relatives who are fellow smartfren Prepaid users.

  • 2. How do I use this service?

    To use this service Smartfren subscribers simply send an SMS to 879 with the format MINTA. [No_Donatur].[nominal] Example: Type MINTA.088XXXXXXXXX.5000 and send an SMS to 879

  • 3. How much can I request?

    Currently, the nominal that can be requested by Requester is Rp. 1 to Rp. 100,000 with a service fee of Rp. 200, however, the amount of credit to be received depends on the willingness of the donor

  • 4. How much will the sender / donor be charged?

    The sender or donor will be charged a service fee in accordance with the terms of the Balance Transfer service.

  • 5. Is there any credit limit that can be requested?

    Currently, the credit limit that can be requested is IDR 100,000 per transaction.

  • 6. Will the active period be increased if I receive credit transfers?

    The active period will increase if you receive credit transfers the same as if you do a credit top up according to the following table:

    Disclaimer: The Request Balance service uses the same shortcode as Balance Transfer, which is 879 but with a different format. If Requester has sent an SMS to 879 for the Request Balance service and the credit has been deducted by Rp.200 but does not receive credits from the Donor due to several reasons such as the Donor is unwilling or the Donor's credit is insufficient, then this is the right of the Donor and there is no refund. Rp. 200 for Request Balance transactions.

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