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Change Number

You can change the number as you want from your smartphone. Take a peek at the method below!

How to Change Number

  1. Open mySF application

2. Select Change Number


3. Choose your own number or choose a recommendation from Smartfren


4. A notification will appear if your number changes are successful


5. After that, restart your device


6. Done! Your number has been changed successfully.

Have a question?

Check the answers about the service here

FAQ Layanan Ganti Nomor

  • 1. What is Select / Change Number feature mean?

    Services are available for active Smartfren Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers that allow customers to change their number as desired and do it themselves via the customer's smartphone.

  • 2. How do I change the number?

    The number selection feature can be done easily through the MySF application.

  • 3. Can I change my number several times?

    Changing numbers through the MySF application can only be done once for Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

  • 4. Is there a fee to change the number?

    Biaya yang akan dikenakan adalah Rp 20,200. Untuk pelanggan Prabayar, tarif akan dikenakan ke pulsa reguler, sedangkan untuk pelanggan Pascabayar, tarif akan dikurangi dari kredit limit pelanggan.

  • 5. For prepaid customers, will the remaining balance and quota in the old number be transferred to the new number?

    For the remaining regular credit, bonuses, quota benefits from the old number will be automatically transferred to the new number. It's just that for other party related services such as VAS, RBT, Auto Top Up with the bank do not carry over to the new number. The SmartPoin bonus stored in the old number will be forfeited and will not be transferred to the new number.

  • 6. For postpaid customers, will the number selection fee be charged to the old bill or the new bill?

    A fee of IDR 20,000 will be deducted from the customer's credit limit and the fee will appear on the new billing number.

  • 7. What if after successfully change to the new number, it cannot be used for Calls / SMS / Internet?

    After the number changes have been completed, turn off and (restart) SmartPhone device and wait approximately 10 minutes for the new number data synchronization process. If the device is alreadyrestart but still cannot be used, there is a possibility that your simcard is still using an old version that hasn't support number change. Please visit the nearest Smartfren Gallery for further checking.

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