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Prepaid Registration

Pemerintah mewajibkan semua calon pelanggan dan pelanggan lama kartu prabayar untuk melakukan registrasi yang divalidasi menggunakan Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK) dan nomor Kartu Keluarga (KK) mengacu pada Peraturan Menkominfo No. 5/2021 beserta perubahannya

Registration Benefits

• Consumer Protection

Avoid misuse of data and other things that can harm the customers

• Ease of Service Provision

Facilitate the provision of services for cellular telephone consumers, for example for online transactions and others

Choice of Method for Registration

Before registering, make sure you have a National Identity Number and a Family Register number that has been registered at Population and Civil Registration Agency. Register yourself so you feel safe and comfortable.

Smartfren Image Register via SMS to 4444
Smartfren Image

1. Send SMS to 4444

with the format SMS:

NIK#KK Number#


Smartfren Image Register on the mySmartfren application
Smartfren Image

1. Open the mySF application
2. Select the prepaid registration menu
3. Enter personal data correctly
4. Registration is successful

Smartfren Image Register at the Gallery or Smartfren Partners
Smartfren Image

Visit the Gallery or Smartfren Partners, our officers will register your number. Make sure you bring your identity card and family register.

Smartfren Image Register on the Smartfren website
Smartfren Image

1. Open https://mysf.id/reg
2. Enter your personal data correctly
3. Registration is successful

Smartfren Image Check Your Registration Status
Smartfren Image

1. Send SMS to 4444

with the format SMS: CEK
Send to 4444

Options for Changing Ownership of Prepaid Numbers

Change of ownership of your prepaid number can be done yourself (Self-Care) with the following steps:


1. Send SMS with the format: UNREG#Mobile Number# send to 4444, or via website https://mysf.id/unreg mysf.id/unreg


2. After getting a successful unreg notification, register your prepaid number using a new National Identity Number and Family Register number via SMS to 4444 with the format : NIK#KK Number# NIK#KK Number#

Have a question?

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Prepaid Registration

  • 1. What is Prepaid Customer Registration?

    Prepaid Customer Registration is a registration of identity that must be done by prospective prepaid customers and existing prepaid customers whose data has not been validated ("Customer") using valid population identity data as recorded in the Civil Registration of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (“Ditjen Dukcapil”). This customer registration requirement also applies to prospective postpaid customers.

  • 2. What are the purposes and benefits of prepaid card registration for telecommunication service customers?

    ·    Provide protection to the public users of telecommunication services against crimes and acts of abuse committed by irresponsible parties (terrorism crimes, fraud, information spamming, cybercrime) etc, so that the users / customers are also more comfortable in using telecommunications services.

    · Ease of providing services for telecommunication service customers, i.e. online and non-cash transactions.

    · Customer data may be used for financially inclusive purposes or the distribution of funds or government assistances.

  • 3. What is the difference between prepaid registration now and previous registration?

    NOPrevious Registration TermsNew Registration Terms
    1Register using identity number, name, address, place/date of birth, ROID (Retail/Outlet ID), Postal CodeRegister using the data from ID Number (NIK) and Family Card number (No. KK) listed on electronic ID card (KTP-el) and Family Register Card (KK).
    2No Validation processValidation requirement through database Ditjen DUKCAPIL
    3Can only be done by telecommunication service provider outlets and third party partner outlets.Can be done by related customers/ users themselves, or visit to Gallery Smartfren, or visit to Retail Outlet or contact center 4444.

  • 4. Is this prepaid registration valid for new customers only?

    No. This prepaid registration must be followed by potential new customers and existing customers.

  • 5. Can customers do the prepaid registration process themselves?

    Yes, prospective customers and existing customers can do their own prepaid card registration process with the condition of input NIK, KK number according to KK &KTP recorded at the Directorate General of Dukcapil.

  • 6. Is prepaid registration also can be done at telecommunication service provider's outlets or at telecommunication service provider partner outlets?

    Yes, customers can also come to Gallery Smartfren or Retail Outlet by bringing the requirements to register.

  • 7. What requirements must be prepared by customers to do prepaid registration?

    The requirements that must be prepared are:

    For Indonesian citizens:

    • Electronic ID card

    · Family Card (KK)

    For Foreigners (Foreign Nationals):

    · Passport

    · KITAP (Permanent Residence Permit )

    · KITAS (Temporary Residence Permit Card)

  • 8. What information in kk &ktp electronic needed for prepaid registration

    The required information is:

    1. Residence Number (NIK) consists of 16 digits
    2. Family Card Number consists of 16 digits

  • 9. Can prospective customers and existing customers who do not have a KK and electronic ID card also be able to register?

    Yes,they can. If customer do not have an electronic ID card, customer can still register by using NIK whose information is contained in kk. If customer don't have a KK yet, you can't register.

  • 10. How to do prepaid registration?

    Self care registration in 4 easy ways as follows:

    a. Send SMS :

    –       New Number Registration

    NIK#KK Number#  Send to 4444

    Example : 1234567890123456#3201060401130027#

    b. Through the activation menu that appears from the phone screen at the time of registration of a new number

    c. Dial *4444# from the mobile dialer menu

    d. Vis Website Smartfren mysf.id/reg

    d. Visit to SMartfren Gallery or Retail Outlet

    e. Contact center 4444

  • 11. How to register for MIFI customers?

    Mifi customers can do register through Smartfren's official website mysf.id/reg

    - If the internet connection using new number to be registered, Smartfren number will appear automatically and the customer enters NIK, KK number, email address and other numbers that can be contacted

    – If the internet connection does not use the Smartfren number to be registered, the customer must fill in manually the number to be registered, NIK, verification code, KK number, email address and other numbers that can be contacted

    Customers can choose one of the verification codes as follows:

    o PUK, which is an 8-digit number located behind the card case

    o Or activation code, which is a 5-digit number in the device box

    o Or a verification code that will be sent via SMS

  • 12. What if the customer does not store the card case so that they do not know the PUK code or do not know the activation code because they do not store the device box?

    customers can contact Smartfren call center service by mentioning iccid code (20 digit number behind simcard) or customer can visit Gallery Smartfren

  • 13. How to do register a prepaid registration for foreigners customer?

    Foreigners customer can do prepaid registration by visiting Gallery Smartfren and bringing a personal identity card in the form of a passport / KITAS / KITAP, then the Gallery officer will record the name, passport number / KITAS / KITAP, nationality and place and date of birth.

  • 14. Is there using data validation process for prospective customers and existing customers who register this prepaid card?

    That's right. The validation process is part of the prepaid card registration process. In this process, the customer's identity data will be validated through the population database of The Directorate General of Dukcapil.

  • 15. How long does it take for the validation process?

    Validation is part of the registration process that lasts a maximum of 1×24 hours.

  • 16. If there is a system disruption during the registration process, is that activation number can still be done?

    Activation is still possible. Furthermore, customers / prospective customers periodically do the registration process until successful.

  • 17. When does this customer registration start implementation?

    Prepaid card registration is effective from October 31, 2017

  • 18. What should the customer do if they have difficulty in the registration process?

    Customers can call contact center Smartfren at 4444 from Smartfren number or 021-50100000 from PSTN or 08811-223344 from another mobile number.

  • 19. What to do if the customer has difficulties or constraints in the population data (example: NIK is not found)?

    If the customer is experiencing population data constraints, please contact the Customer Service Directorate General of Dukcapil through the call center 1500537 (on weekdays and business hours).

  • 20. Is there a limit number of the numbers that can be registered for each potential customer and existing customer?

    Total numbers that can be registered by prospective customers and existing customers can be registered by the customer concerned (self registration) maximum of 3 (three) numbers for each NIK on each telecommunication service provider. If more than 3 numbers, then the 4th number and so on can be registered through the telecommunication service provider's outlets.

  • 21. What about numbers on behalf of corporations (not individuals)?

    The registration mechanism for corporate numbers remains registered on behalf of customers (individuals).

  • 22. How to view NIK registered on customer numbers?

    – By SMS Type CEK send to 4444, for information NIK and KK registered

    – Via website https://my.smartfren.com/check_nik.php

    – Via MySmartfren Application

  • 23. How to transfer or change ownership of a customer number?

    A. Customers can change their ownership/return name by visiting the telecommunication service provider's outlets or contacting the contact center service by first verifying the identity of the old customer and potential customers and/or power of attorney (if required)

    B. Or it can be done through customer self care service by releasing ownership / unreg first as follows:

    – SMS type UNREG#NomorHP# format send to 4444

    (Example : UNREG#088212700119#)

    – Or via website https://mysf.id/unreg connection using the customer's Smartfren number, then fill in the NIK

    – Access *4444#, select 3 Unreg menu

    Unreg can only be done through the number to be released ownership. All services (calls, SMS, and data) will be blocked after an Unreg request is sent. To be able to enjoy the service, customers can re-register with a valid new identity and recorded in Dukcapil with the same steps mentioned in point.10

  • 24. How to register or remove ownership of a prepaid number for NIK that has been registered before?

    A. With customer self care services:

    – SMS type UNREG#NomorHP# format send to 4444

    (Example : UNREG#088212700119#)

    – Or via website https://mysf.id/unreg connection using the customer's Smartfren number, then fill in the NIK

    – Access *4444#, select 3 Unreg menu

    Unreg can only be done through the number to be released ownership.

    B. By calling the contact center service 4444

    C. By visiting the nearest Smartfren Gallery, and bring proof of official ownership identity (KTP &KK)

    All services (calls, SMS, and data) will be blocked after an Unreg request is sent.

    To be able to enjoy the service, customers can re-register with a valid new identity and recorded in Dukcapil , with the same steps mentioned in point.10

  • 25. What are the conditions of active period, remaining credit balance, remaining quota of service packages and benefits/bonuses owned by customers after UNREG?

    At the time of UNREG, all services will be blocked. Remaining credit balance, remaining quota, active period will not change.

    After the customer successfully re-registers, the service can be used with the remaining credit balance, remaining quota. and bonuses and active periods are the same as the conditions before UNREG.

  • 26. Smartfren is obliged to disable the customer number that registers using a false identity / belonging to another person / without the permission of the identity owner If the number is blocked / can not do

    – Check the registration status by typing CEK send SMS to 4444 or through the website https://my.smartfren.com/check_nik.php

    If you get the message "You haven't re-registered yet. Register your prepaid card immediately. Reply to this SMS, type ULANG#NIK#NoKK#"

    Its means that your number has been blocked

    – Register your prepaid card by :

    o Type NIK#KK Number#  send SMS to 4444

    Example : 1234567890123456#3201060401130027#

    o Dial *4444# in your handphone

    o Via Smartfren Website mysf.id/reg

    o Visit to the nearest Smartfren Gallery

    o Call contact center service 4444

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