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Reactivation of scorched cards in the smartfren gallery


  • Can I still use the expired number?

    As long as your number is still available, don't worry, we will help you in an easy and efficient way. 

  • What are the requirements?

    It is enough to show your original ID card and pay a deposit according to the service you want to enjoy at the nearest gallery. Or we can also help online, you can contact WhatsApp s.id/WAGaleri 

  • Are there any other fees?

    There are no other fees. If the previous number is Postpaid only bill payments in your account if it is recorded in our system. 

  • Can the process be represented?

    for the security of customer data, for the re-activation process the number cannot be represented. 

  • How long can I use the number after my request?

    If all the requirements are complete, then you can immediately enjoy the service on your number. The activation process will be carried out on the same day after all administration is complete. 


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