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Smartfren Platform Terms of Use

By using/accessing the official Smartfren website and/or application, along with their derivative sites and applications, features, social media, and other media provided by Smartfren (“Smartfren Platform”), the user (“You”) has agreed to bind themselves to, comply with and implement all the terms and conditions of use of the Smartfren Platform ("Terms of Use") and any amendments thereto from time to time, as follows:

  1. “Smartfren Service” means the service where You can carry out the multiple activities and/or transactions that are provided in the Smartfren Platform.
  2. “Substance” means every substance, and/or object, and / or logo, and/or logo websites/ application, and/or brand of services, contents, products and features prepared by Smartfren or the Content Providers as provided in the Smartfren Platform.
  3. “Smartfren Number” means Smartfren’s number that is provided by PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk. or PT Smart Telecom (as relevant), which is selected at the registration and usable for You to carry out the transaction and enjoy the benefits which You have through the Smartfren Platform.
  4. “Third Party” means a party beyond You and Smartfren, including among others Content Provider, Payment Service Provider, as well as the parties who have collaboration with Smartfren to offer their products or service through the Smartfren Platfrom and/or in order to improve the quality or ease in providing the Smartfren Service.
  5. “Payment Service Provider” means any third party which has obtained the license from the authorized authority to carry out the payment gateway services which You may select when completing the transactions through the Smartfren Platform.
  6. “Content Providers” are third parties that provide access to content, both free and paid, that become Smartfren partners.
  7. “Customer Care” is the Smartfren’s customer care service contactable by You via email at customercare@Smartfren.com or live-chat feature available in the Smartfren Platform.
  1. To be able to enjoy the Smartfren Service at maximum and to enjoy every benefits provided, You carry out the prior registration by filling up and completing the required data enquired by the Smartfren Platform and must follow all activities which required by Smartfren, including among others to carry out the activation of the Smartfren Number according to the provisions of applicable regulations and provisions stipulated by Smartfren.
  2. You completely acknowledge and agree that (i) the usage of Smartfren Numbers shall be in conformity with the terms and conditions of Smartfren telecommunications services from time to time; (ii) You only may access and use the Smartfren Services, including but not limited to, carrying out the transaction, obtain, and enjoy the benefits and rewards which You obtained in Your account whenever You utilize the Smartfren Number and Your Smartfren Number always on active mode.
  3. You stated and guaranteed that:
    1. You are a competent and authorized individual in accordance with the regulations / laws in Indonesia, to register and use the Smartfren Service and implement these Terms of Use. You must be 17 years old or have a National Identity Card (KTP) to use Smartfren Services;
    2. all information, information, data submitted by you through Platform Smartfren and at the time of activating the Smartfren Number is true, accurate, and entitled. All copies / copies of identity and other documents submitted via email Platform Smartfren is true and true to the original;
    3. to always comply with, fulfill and agree to submit to and be bound by each of these Terms of Use, the terms and conditions for subscribing to Smartfren telecommunication services, as well as the terms and conditions of each service contained in the Platform Smartfren;
    4. You are the end user (end user) and will not use this Smartfren Service for resale;
    5. You have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions as stated in these Terms of Use, including the FAQ (frequently asked questions) which forms an integral part of these Terms of Use.
  4. Smartfren service is a dynamic service and always evolves to be better from time to time, therefore Smartfren can update, change, delete or limit access without prior notification including but not limited to products, services, benefit, reward, and/or other offers offered through Platform Furthermore, Smartfren is entitled to limit order/purchase transactions for Smartfren Service or that are indicated to be used for resale activities.
  1. You are solely obliged to secure confidentiality of the information data on Your account (“Account”), including but not limited to the Smartfren Number, username, password/personal identification number (PIN). You take complete responsibilities on any activities that You carried out through such Account, including but not limited to any risk and/or damage that arises resulting from the misuse by You and/or by any Third Party which is relied upon whatsoever basis or cause whether directly or indirectly when using the Smartfren Services. In case of You forgot the username or password/PIN of Your Account, You may use the ‘forgot password/PIN’ which automatically enabled Smartfren sending the guidline to reset password/PIN via e-mail which is registered in Your account. On the other hand, You may also reach our Customer Care that is accessible through the Smartfren Platform. Smartfren will provide You with methods to reset Your account by carrying out Your data validity verification process.
  2. Make sure you have logged out (log out/sign out) from your Account at the end of each session and immediately notify Smartfren of any unauthorized use of passwordYour /PIN or Account.
  3. Smartfren won't ask username, password/PIN or verification SMS code or OTP code belonging to your Account for any reason. Therefore, Smartfren urges you not to provide such data or other important data to parties on behalf of Smartfren or other parties whose security cannot be guaranteed.
  4. As technology advances it can allow you to access Platform Smartfren and/or all or part of the Smartfren Services through platform Third party. In such a case, you acknowledge and agree that the Third Party may view all or part of the information contained in your Account, including but not limited to remaining credit (prepaid) or remaining credit limit/credit limit (postpaid), the current active package, the package's active period, and the remaining internet/data quota.
  1. Platform Smartfren provides a variety of informative content (“Content”) for you, including but not limited to content in the form of news articles, photos, videos, and other content that can be made available through integration/cooperation with Content Providers.
  2. Smartfren will only display the source of the content presented and uphold copyright (copyrights) applicable.
  3. Smartfren does not adapt content that is integrated with Content Providers, but Smartfren in its sole discretion has the right to review the content displayed on Platform Smartfren and turn off access to certain website links for any reason.
  4. If you find any form plagiat for the content displayed, you can contact User Service or send a message via tools/features that may be available on the Smartfren Platform, then Smartfren will investigate, report to the Content Provider and/or remove the content from Platform Smartfren.
  1. Platform Smartphone can display various games mobile (game online) which can be played by you for free or paid, by exchanging points or reward others at your disposal, according to the terms of each game. You can collect points or reward others as much as possible through a variety of activities/activities/missions available on Platform Smartfren.
  2. Smartfren reserves the right from time to time to update the games available on mySF Application and is free to determine which games are available to you. You can play these games and get points or other rewards, according to the terms of each game. reward otherwise, referring to the terms of the respective games.
  3. In case You have not carry out the registration, then You cannot earn any points or rewards. Smartfren recommend You to first carry out the registration according to the terms in Clause II above.
  1. To meet Your lifestyle needs, Smartfren collaborates with its partners to provide lifestyle commerce services, namely an e-marketplace platform services that offer attractive products to meet Your lifestyle and You may buy such products at affordable prices. You may access the lifestyle commerce service through the Smartfren Platform and other features/tools/channels which available for You from time to time. You may access lifestyle commerce services through the Smartfren.Shop menu or tool or feature provided in the mySF application and official websites of the Smartfren.Shop.
  2. You can read more detailed terms and conditions regarding the service lifestyle commerce it's on the page lifestyle commerce.
  3. Service lifestyle commerce this is called Smartfren.Shop or other names that will be used in the future. However, Smartfren under no circumstances is responsible for the content, implementation, and fulfillment of the terms and conditions as referred to in point 2 above, which is entirely the responsibility of the service provider. lifestyle commerce. Terms and Conditions of service lifestyle commerce may change from time to time. All problems that arise related to the products/services offered by the service provider lifestyle commerce must be resolved by and between the user and the service provider lifestyle commerce without involving Smartfren.
  1. In order to meet your needs in banking or other finance, you will get offers on Platform Smartfren for products or services from Third Parties, such as banks, insurance or/and other financial service providers.
  2. If you agree to accept the offer, you will be linked to the site/website/link to these third parties for further transaction. You hereby give consent to Smartfren to give data / information needed by a third party for the purpose of processing the application or products.
  1. You have fully responsibilities on any submitted information/data when carrying out the transaction through the Smartfren Platform. You can examine the status of transactions which You carried out at the transaction history feature provided in the Smartfren Platform.
  2. For certain transactions available on Platform Smartfren, Smartfren facilitates payment services provided by Payment Service Providers who have collaborated with Smartfren.
  3. Smartfren reserves the right from time to time to determine and change the fee(s) that will be charged to you for every transaction you make through Platform Smartfren.
  4. Smartfren in facilitating payment services does not store data related to the payment tools / methods used by you. Data related to the payment tools / methods that you use will be stored by the Payment Service Provider with the global ROC payment security certification system from PCI-DSS
  5. Payment mechanisms and/or transactions made through Platform Smartfren is subject to the conditions set by each Payment Service Provider.
  6. Smartfren is subject to the conditions set by each Payment Service Provider. one time password (OTP), the relevant telecommunications operator may at any time charge and change the fees that will be charged to you according to the policies applicable to the operator.
  7. To maintain and/or improve the quality of the Smartfren Services, from time to time Smartfren may evaluate the payment mechanism to increase Your convenience of carrying out the transaction through the Smartfren Platform.
  8. Transactions which have been confirmed by You CANNOT BE REVOKED UNDER ANY REASON WHATSOEVER and the transaction shall remain being processed according to the information of data which is already input by You.
  9. In relation to the payment mechanism that you make (i) you guarantee that you are the party entitled / authorized to the payment instrument you use and that all information you provide regarding the payment instrument is valid and accurate; (ii) by agreeing to pay using a credit card, you authorize Smartfren to charge the credit card, an amount of fees for the purchase transaction you make on mySF application Platform Smartfren.
Every Substance provided in the Smartfren Platform is protected by the provision of law prevailing in Indonesia (including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights). You will not justified or will be prohibited to use, copy, distribute, print, re-produce, upload, display, and/or disseminate the Substance in any manner without prior consent from Smartfren. If You know that there is a Substance within the Smartfren Platform that has no relevance or ineligible for display, You may immediately notify Smartfren therefore Smartfren may omit the same off the Smartfren Platform.
  1. You hereby release and discharge Smartfren including every director, commissioner, employee, shareholder, affiliate, and vendor / business partner / partner of Smartfren from all claims, lawsuits and / or losses suffered by any party (including you) that caused by, including but not limited to:
    1. malfunction, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay on transmission, computer virus, internet disconnection, or any specific result from the usage and/or incapability to take advantage of one or more Substance provided in the Smartfren Platform, including Your incapability or failure to access the Smartfren Platform; or
    2. your violation / negligence in fulfilling one or more of these Terms of Use, or
    3. there has been or is suspected of using/misusing your Account or Smartfren Service or Smartfren Number, the use of device, which causes physical injury, disease, health risk or other damage to you or others; or
    4. actions to update / modify, suspend and / or terminate services performed by Smartfren in accordance with these Terms of Use.
  2. All input, suggestions, ideas, drawings and/or schematics, or other information communicated ("Suggestions") by you through Platform This Smartfren will become the exclusive property of Smartfren and therefore Smartfren may exercise such rights either to reproduce, use, notify or share the Advice without restriction and without any obligation to pay compensation of any kind to you. You are fully responsible that any advice you submit to Smartfren is genuine, does not conflict with the law, does not constitute a lie, does not conflict with decency and or appropriateness, and does not violate the intellectual property rights of other parties.
  3. Regarding the status of Suggestions, Smartfren does not have to treat Suggestions as information that must be protected and you voluntarily release Smartfren from all responsibilities related to Suggestions, including but not limited, in the event that it is found in the future that products, ideas, promotions and / or advertisements contained in mySF application have certain similarities either partially or completely. Platform Smartfren has certain similarities either partially or completely.
  4. You are obliged to safeguard your Smartfren Number and prevent your Smartfren Number from being misused by other parties / falsified. You acknowledge and agree that Smartfren cannot be held responsible by you and / or any party for things that occur outside of Smartfren's mistakes or omissions or due to force majeure.force majeure).
  5. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Smartfren is not responsible for the content provided by Content Providers or other Third Parties on the Smartfren Platform.
  6. Platform Smartfren in presenting these contents also has the possibility of displaying access to third-party website links, products, services, and advertisements which Smartfren has no control over. Smartfren does not provide any warranty in any form and/or type for the material obtained from website the other through Platform This smartphone, including but not limited to, whether or not the material is free from various viruses that can damage the device (device) and/or harm you.
  1. From time to time, in the event of a technical and printing error in the Material contained in Platform Smartfren, then Smartfren has the right to change, add, reduce and/or make improvements (“Changes”) at any time if necessary.
  2. Materi dalam Platform This Smartfren which is provided to you has been adapted to the applicable law in Indonesia, is presented "as is" without warranty of any kind, whether expressly stated or not. Smartfren does not provide any warranty regarding the appropriateness and/or suitability of the Materials available free of charge in the website Platform This smartphone. Furthermore, Smartfren does not warrant that (i) the functionality of the Materials obtained from Platform Smartfren will not experience interference with use and/or be free from functional errors; and (ii) errors or defects in the Materials will be corrected; and (iii) Platform Smartfren and/or servers that create and/or provide Material are free from viruses that can harm and/or damage devices (device) used by you.
  3. Smartfren does not guarantee and/or establish a service standard (service level warranty) regarding the use and/or results of the use of the available Materials as long as the truth, accuracy and/or credibility of the Materials contained in the Platform Smartfren. Anda bertanggung jawab atas semua biaya yang berkaitan dengan layanan, perbaikan dan/atau perawatan perangkat yang Anda gunakan untuk mengakses Platform smartphone. This disclaimer may be declared null and void in the event that applicable law does not allow the exception of any form of guarantee that is not expressly provided.
  4. Due to the criminal acts of fraud and / or extortion that can occur, Smartfren is expressly not responsible for the use of Smartfren's name, reputation, trademarks and / or logos or Smartfren Services carried out by other parties without prior written consent from Smartfren, resulting in losses, both morally and materially to any party (including you).
  1. Your account will automatically terminate if you are no longer registered as a customer or your Smartfren Number is in a state of suspension / termination. In such a case, all points, and other rewards that you have will be forfeited. suspend/termination. In that case, then all points and reward anything else you have will be forfeited.
  2. Smartfren has the right to unilaterally suspend (suspend) or termination of access to Smartfren Services, if one or more of the following occurs (suspected):
    1. You are proven / indicated to have violated the law / regulation or violated one or more of these Terms of Use; or
    2. You do not (can) fulfil its obligations as stipulated in these Terms of Use; or
    3. event occurs force majeure There was a force majeure event which took place according to more than 3 (three) months; or
    4. There is an official request / order from the competent Government agency; or
    5. Smartfren detects or suspects (indication) of abuse / irregularity / suspicious activities / activities / transactions carried out by your account; or
    6. Smartfren is no longer running a business / operating Smartfren Services with certain considerations; or
    7. Any repairs, changes or maintenance to Platform Smartfren and/or Smartfren Service and/or Smartfren network; or
    8. There is a technical damage to the Platform Smartfren and/or Smartfren Service and/or Smartfren network;
    9. You passed away, are declared bankrupt, bankrupt, liquidated, are under the supervision of a curator or placed under interdiction; or
    10. There are provisions that require suspension or termination of Smartfren Services based on applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.
  3. In connection with the termination of these Terms of Use, you and Smartfren agree to set aside the provisions of paragraph (2) and (3) of article 1266 of the Civil Code.
  4. Termination / termination of this Smartfren Service does not eliminate your outstanding obligations (if any) that arise before the effective date of termination. These Terms of Use will continue to apply and bind you until the completion of all your obligations.
  1. The non-performance or delay in the implementation of part or all of the obligations under these Terms of Use by Smartfren, is not considered a violation if this occurs due to circumstances beyond Smartfren's control (force majeure), including but not limited to (a) natural disasters; (b) the event of a fire, strike, war, riot, rebellion or other military action; (c) the actions of the authorities that affect the continuity of the Smartfren Service operation; (d) third party actions that cause Smartfren to be unable to provide part or all of Smartfren's Services; (e) disruption/damage to the telecommunications server/network that is not caused by Smartfren's negligence; (f) enactment of policies/regulations from authorized agencies/governments that have an impact on the continuity of the provision of Smartfren Services.
  2. You agree to give permission and authorize Smartfren to use these Terms of Use and any changes, additions or updates thereof including records, information or data relating to you in any form that Smartfren obtains from you for Smartfren's purposes and interests, including among others related to the submission of offers. products/services from other parties who cooperate with Smartfren or in relation to the program customer loyalty.
  3. You agree and have no objection to receive the offers information and/or the product/service/ marketing programme information related to the Smartfren Services and/or from other person that collaborates with Smartfren.
  4. Smartfren from time to time can hold promotional activities ("Promo") with terms and conditions that may be different in each Promo activity. You are encouraged to carefully read the terms and conditions of the intended Promo.
  5. These Terms of Use are subject to, governed and interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute that arises by deliberation, you and Smartfren agree to resolve the dispute and choose a permanent legal position at the Central Jakarta District Court.
  7. In the event that there are provisions in these Terms of Use that are declared by the Government, courts, or other authorized agencies to be illegal, or invalid, the illegal, invalid or invalid provisions will not affect other provisions that are not stated illegal or invalid will remain valid and binding.
  8. If you do not agree with any or part or all of these Terms of Use or the terms and conditions of service contained in the Platform Smartfren, you are allowed to stop using Platform Smartfren.
  9. You are encouraged to always visit this page to understand the updated terms and conditions of use of the Smartfren Service.

If you have further questions, please contact Smartfren at: customercare@smartren.com or tools/fitur available on Platform Smartfren.

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