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Check Your Device Compatibility

Smartfren services can only be used on devices that support 3G / 4G networks. Let's check your phone compatibility here.

Model Brand Compatibility
Haier Leisure L7 Haier VoLTE
Himax M25i Himax VoLTE, ViLTE
Pureshot Hisense VoLTE, ViLTE
Pureshot+ Hisense VoLTE, ViLTE
Pureshot+ 2 Hisense VoLTE
Hotwav M5 Hotwav VoLTE, ViLTE
Hotwav Symbol X Hotwav VoLTE
Mate 20 Huawei VoLTE
Mate 20 Pro Huawei VoLTE, 4G+
Mate Xs Huawei VoLTE, 4G+

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