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Announcement of Smartfren Photojournalism Competition Winners

Juara 1
Evan Zumarli, Sumatera Ekspress

Evan's photo depicts Yeshinta Devi serving buyers via Facebook Live Broadcast (12/1). His Bandung Souvenir Shop "Neng Letta" sells well by utilizing this digital format.


Juara 2
Muchtamir, AFP

Muchtamir's photo depicts women playing futsal during the celebration of the 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence in Makassar, South Sulawesi, (13/8).


Juara 3
Andri Saputra, Antara News

Photo by Andri Saputra tells the story of community cooperation in repairing the Sowohi Kie Matiti traditional house in Gurabunga, Tidore Islands City, North Maluku. The tradition of mutual cooperation in repairing traditional houses is carried out every 10 years and is still maintained by the local community.

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