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smartfren. ThingSpark

smartfren. BUSINESS' next-generation carrier-grade IoT connectivity and platform to support highly scalable various business needs.

IoT SIM card management using self-care portal

Activate & deactivate IoT SIM cards and billing on real-time throughout SIM card life cycle management (activation, pause, and deactivation) without losing sight. Geolocation capability to track SIM card location and display on the map on a real-time basis.

User-friendly and real-time dashboard

With hassle free and only slight learning curve, ThingSpark's dashboard provides convenience and essential information for maximum user experience in managing your IoT Connectivity

Fit-to-use tariff

smartfren. ThingSpark offers comprehensive tariff models - available in Monoline, Individual and Bulk Share (share your quota among SIM cards), giving you great flexibility to cater different IoT application scenarios in specific vertical/industry. With ThingSpark platform you can monitor IoT data usage and set a limit of IoT data utilization in different tariffs model as required for business operation.

Industrial-grade IoT SIM cards

Cellular data connectivity using industrial grade IoT SIM Cards to provide better durability and longer lifetime, ensuring operational reliability


Integrates with your business applications through API

Flexible and simple IoT billing management

Global standard with dual 850/2300 spectrums to provide better connectivity reach

Complete built-in and customized reporting

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