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Google Cloud Platform

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World-class security with local cloud region

Get ahead of your competition with our local cloud region. We're using the same technology that supports Google's private global network, to protect your data while meeting rigorous industry-specific compliance standards like Indonesian Government Regulation No 71 of 2019 regarding Operation of Electronic System and Transactions ("GR 71")

Powerful choice between hybrid and multi-cloud

Google-managed, cloud-native solution means your developers can write an application once, then run it on-premises, on Google Cloud, or on other clouds with no change in infrastructure

Stay nimble with our flexible platform

Simplify your operations and product deployment with Google Cloud's fully managed, serverless offerings and hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities

Spark innovation with AI and data analytics

Google's easy-to-use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabillities are embedded in Google's core solutions and infrastructure, making them accessible and easily deployed across the enterprise

Take advantage of Google's ongoing innovation

Enterprises across industries are taking advantage of Google technology advances - from embedded AI and ML to Digital Assistant, Search, Maps, Voice, and more - that are seamlessly integrated into Google Cloud

smartfren. BUSINESS cloud interconnect

We provide private cloud interconnect with Google Cloud to allow secured and quality access. Direct peering with smartfren. provides low latency, guaranteed SLA and high performance. In addition, smartfren. BUSINESS offers internet bundled packages giving you the best choice for your business


Scalable Compute & Storage

Flexible billing options

Big Data Analytics

AI and Machine Learning

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