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Onetouch UC

What is Onetouch Unified Conferencing solution from smartfren. BUSINESS?

As the name suggests, Onetouch Unified Conferencing (Onetouch UC) is the integrated offering of video conferencing, audio conferencing, chat, content and file sharing, which can be accessed from any device, laptop, smartphone, room systems anywhere and anytime.

What is the role of Zoom in smartfren. BUSINESS Onetouch UC?

Onetouch UC from smartfren. BUSINESS is powered by Zoom Video Communications, a world-class video-first unified communications platform from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (US).

What are the business benefits of using Onetouch UC, powered by Zoom?

Zoom is a very popular UC platform within enterprise. The very reason why people choose Zoom is because of operational ease, user friendly interface and quality of conferencing. Some business benefits of using Onetouch UC, powered by Zoom are quicker decision making, remote working, on the fly training with hundreds of participants.

How Onetouch UC can help combat the current COVID-19 situations?

COVID-19 demands physical distancing, but people still need to be connected for business and work. Onetouch UC provides excellent platform for communicating from home or anywhere, whether it is video conferencing, presentation to business partner, working on same Excel/Word/PPT, remote class room for students, white boarding, recording sessions, all can be done remotely without physical meetings.

What is the value added of smartfren. BUSINESS bringing to the solution?

smartfren. BUSINESS offers very strong value proposition to customers willing to subscribe to Onetouch UC: • Local 24/7 support in Bahasa language • Local number dialing- users who don’t have internet can dial into ZOOM conference using local Indonesia number with unlimited calling. • IDR billing: people don’t need to buy through credit cards, smartfren. BUSINESS can provide billing in Rupiah • Hardware bundled plans: smartfren. BUSINESS offers integrated room system plans bundled with Polycom and Zoom with 4G LTE connectivity on operational expenses and capital expenses model.

What is smartfren. CloudTalk?

smartfren. CloudTalk is a solution for enterprise customers who need business level communication service with virtual PABX, Contact Center, and cloud-based communication features — because investing on physical PABX or Contact Center infrastructure is highly expensive plus it’s becoming less relevant nowadays.

How does my company/business subscribe to CloudTalk?

If your company is smartfren. or smartfren. BUSINESS existing customer, please contact your smartfren. BUSINESS Account Manager. For a new customer, please contact us at 0889 777 01 777 or WhatsApp 088 777 01 777, you can also send us email at

Can my company/business subscribe to CloudTalk without PABX infrastructure?

Yes. CloudTalk is cloud-based, so it is possible to have PABX feature without building the infrastructure first.

What type of device can be used to access CloudTalk?

CloudTalk can be accessed through various devices such as smartphone, tablets, desk phone, and desktop/laptop.

Can my company/business use a home phone/landline number when making an outgoing call?

Technically you can, but for now the available smartfren. number is a mobile number.

Can I set my own configuration to change some features, such as group hunting, queuing, call forwarding, call transfer, etc?

Yes, you can access the dashboard to make configuration changes.

Can I change the IVR announcement for each of my company division?

Yes, you can record or upload IVR announcements via dashboard or CloudTalk web portal.

Can CloudTalk solution be used by prepaid customers?

For now, CloudTalk can only be used by post-paid customers.

Will CloudTalk bills be charged to the pilot number?

The bills can be charged to the pilot number or to each mobile number.

Does CloudTalk charging scheme use prorate scheme?

No, the charging scheme does not use prorate scheme. We offer three affordable packages: Talk 5, Talk 10, Talk 50, but for more lines we can offer customization.

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