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Thank you for visiting ("Smartfren Website"). PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk and PT Smart Telecom (hereinafter referred to as "Smartfren") are committed to protecting and maintaining the safety of visitor information using and / or accessing ("Smartfren Site Visitors"). This Privacy Policy is established by Smartfren in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Smartfren Site Visitors are encouraged to read the Privacy Policy each time they visit the Smartfren Site, before Smartfren Site Visitors use the Smartfren Site and submit any personal information and to ensure that Smartfren Site Visitors have understood how personal information that Smartfren Site Visitors provide will be used. By using this Smartfren Site, Smartfren Site Visitors agree to be bound by this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") along with the terms and conditions of service use in the Smartfren Site ("Term of Use Agreement").

Information Collection and Use

  1. Information collected by Smartfren is in accordance with information provided by Smartfren Site Visitors when Smartfren Site Visitors, for example, can occur in terms of: (i) Smartfren Site Visitors intend to communicate with Smartfren by using e-mail and expect feedback (feedback) ; and / or (ii) Smartfren Site Visitors ask about Smartfren products or services through the Smartfren Site; and / or (iii) Smartfren Site Visitors register to be able to conduct mobile commerce transactions online through the Smartfren Site; and / or (iv) Smartfren Site Visitors register themselves in a quiz, contest, contest, or lucky draw; and / or (v) Smartfren Site Visitors register themselves by filling out applications available on the Smartfren Site.
  2. Information provided by Smartfren's Site Visitors may be used by Smartfren, among others in order to: (i) communicate with the response to Smartfren's Site Visitors who have an interest in obtaining information and / or information from Smartfren; (ii) offering Smartfren products or services to Smartfren Site Visitors; (iii) verification of identity in the event that Smartfren Site Visitors take part in a quiz, game, contest, contest, or other lucky draw held by Smartfren; (iv) process, check the correctness / accuracy of information on the application and / or all forms of registration and / or transactions of mobile commerce and / or communications made / carried out by Smartfren Site Visitors;

Retention of Information and Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

  1. Information obtained by Smartfren from Smartfren Site Visitors will be stored for a certain period of time. Smartfren will not sell, exchange, or send information provided by Smartfren Site Visitors to unauthorized third parties. Smartfren can provide information obtained from Smartfren Site Visitors to parties who are still related to providing services to Smartfren Site Visitors, as long as those parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of Smartfren Site User information, including but not limited to, inter alia: (i) organizations / company assigned by Smartfren to assist the application, investigation and verification process;
  2. In addition to the requirements referred to in point IV (1) above, Smartfren may submit information obtained from Smartfren's Site Visitors if instructed by law or the steps need to be taken to: (i) fulfill compliance with the law or the legal process / ( ii) protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Smartfren Site. Visitors to the Smartfren Site hereby release and release Smartfren from all claims, claims and / or claims relating to the granting of access to said information.

Information Security

In maintaining the trust and security of information obtained from Smartfren's Site Visitors, then: (i) Smartfren will seek reasonable security measures for information;
(ii) Information will be destroyed in the event that information is no longer needed.


  1. "Cookies" are a type of file that contains information sent by a website to the computer drive of each visitor / website access for recording purposes by the visitor's computer / website accessor, such as (i) the internet Protocol (IP) address of the accessor when accessing a particular website ; and (ii) the type of browser and Operating System (OS) the user uses; and (iii) day, date and time when the user accesses a website; and (iv) data from click-stream which more or less functions to monitor access activities on a website; and (v) the website address accessed by the user. Cookies serve to remember important information that will help in the use of the website, in case the access decides to re-visit the website in the future.
  2. Smartfren uses Cookies for various purposes including creating different sensations for Smartfren Site Visitors when visiting and / or revisiting Smartfren Sites, counting the number of Smartfren Site Visitors, and remembering those Smartfren Site Visitors specifically in terms of Smartfren Site Visitors making purchases and / or transactions, taking part in quizzes, games, contests, competitions, and lucky draws held by Smartfren.
  3. Use "Options" in the browser to set options so that the computer's hard-drive does not accept cookies or choose that the computer requests permission when accepting cookies. Click "Help" to find out more about setting the acceptance of cookies. In the event that the settings made result in rejection of all Cookies on the Smartfren Site Visitor computer, not all of the conveniences of the website will be enjoyed by Smartfren Site Visitors.


  1. This Privacy Policy is only for Smartfren Site Visitor information obtained through this Smartfren Site and not for information obtained offline.
  2. Smartfren may provide links to other websites outside the Smartfren Site. In the event that Smartfren Site Visitors decide to use the link, Smartfren Site Visitors should read and understand the 'privacy policy' of the website. In this regard, Smartfren is not responsible for the content / material contained on the other party's website or the policies of the companies responsible for the other party's website.
  3. If the customer has further questions regarding this Privacy Policy, Smartfren Site Visitors can send questions to the email address as stated on the Smartfren Site.