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smartfren. BizCloud

Enable employees to work and collaborate anywhere securely and easily

Reliable and Flexible Bundles

BizCloud value added package / bundle solutions benefit you with enhanced efficiency and productivity, easier onboarding support and maintenance.                                                                                                                        The bundles are:                                                                                                                    VPN : enable employees to access corporate network remotely Threat Protection: protect end-user devices from malwares Collaboration: enable employees to have a virtual meeting remotely

Geographic Independence

When your employees have business travel to domestic or international, your employees can access your corporate network securely through all internet connections

Secure Connection

BizCloud provides end to end secure connection, it protects corporate network and end user devices from security threats

Running on all connections

BizCloud can run on all connections owned by customers such as cable internet, public Wi-Fi and cellular. Customer does not need to invest in new connections


Encourage productivity

Broad operating system support

Highly secure access across PC and Mobile Devices

Mobile friendly

Keep employees safety & health while protecting organization from cybersecurity attacks

Encryption & wide range of authentication options

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