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A forefront IoT solution that provides intelligent analysis through a CCTV camera for decision making and automatization perception. Vision+ is designed to help your business' capability and capacity.

Work effectively

Work effectively

Keep your resources stay on track. Monitor workloads, assets, attendance recording, operational precision, as well as whereabouts of your employees with precise object detection. Vision+ helps your business transform smoothly to IoT--whatever it is--by providing new form of business intelligence. Redefine your business process and workflow with Vision+ to put you ahead in the Industry 4.0 era.

Securely protect your business

Securely protect your business

Keep updated and always monitor your premises through the organization. Vision+ also help you sending alerts when an unauthorized person entering a restricted zone, and at the same time sending information to the security team for threat symptoms. Thus, reducing potential theft and various security incidents. It provides workers safety and workplace security.

Go further and accelerate the revenue

Go further and accelerate the revenue

Improve your productivity by installing CCTV in manufacturing machines. Thus, you will be able to monitor the process and receive warnings for possible defected products. This also includes the ability to stop the machine, if necessary. Retail may increase sales by recognizing visitor for more effective targetted marketing.

Bring customer experience to another level

Bring customer experience to another level

Monitor the visitors of your retail stores/outlets, recognize their profiles, and simultaneously greet and send them relevant promo or current offerings by using our solution.

Key Features
End-to-end solution, giving you worry free simple single contract

Tailor-made AI-driven Vision solutions to meet your business needs.

World class Vision Analytics solutions by IBM, NEC, Qlue, NVDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, and Nodeflux.

Best value propositions: competitive price and excellent technical support.

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